Remember When I Loved Hasshi?

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So I'm back in school for the Spring 2013 Semester. I only have three classes semester, and that was a great decision because I chose to do Lighting Crew AND Run Crew. Lighting Crew is a little bit lighter in work since I don't have to go back there until Spring Awakening starts tech in April so that's great. But Run Crew, which involves setting the stage every night is currently is a lot more work. Me, along with other members of Run Crew, have to sweep, mop, and do other things to set up for the show. But I love being able to work with other people in my Major and become closer to them so it's worth it.

My classes are Shakespeare, Writing Fiction, and Directing I. Directing I is fun when we're on our feet creating scenes. If we're just sitting in a circle and talking I want to die. Seriously. It is so dull talking in a circle. Writing Fiction is so much fun. I love writing and I feel myself getting better with every workshop we do. I'll be super prepared to do Camp NaNoWriMo this summer...if I don't have a job that is. And Shakespeare is so ridiculously fun I cannot. My scene partner and I are currently playing Ferdinard and Miranda from The Tempest in Act 3, Scene 1. I'm uncomfortable with touching people I just met and while rehearsing we were doing a lot of hand holding, embracing, and stuff so I'm getting used to it.

And now for something that relates to my title. I was just scrolling through Arama and I saw that A.B.C.-Z had new music videos. My curiosity got the better of me and I hit play. AND I FELL IN LOVE.

Twinkle Twinkle

This song is so fucking cute and so are the dance moves. I cannot.

I like Desperando too but Twinkle Twinkle. I ripped an mp3 of the MV and cut the skit at the beginning and now I have it on repeat. GDI this song.

JE Fandom, you can never really leave it.
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Summer and Fall 2012

Party Over Here

I haven't written anything here in a while so here's what I've been up to.

1. Summer 2012 - Stage Manager Job

I worked for Unexpected Stage Company for a second summer, but this time I was Stage Manager and Light Board Operator. It was a huge responsibility and it was the first time that I had ever done something like this but it was a wonderful experience. There was one downside though: I cut my hand on a glass jar and had to get nine stitches, five internal, four external. That shit hurt and I was pissed off that I couldn't get my hand wet for three days (showering with one hand is a bitch). However the cast was so full of wonderful people and I miss them all. I hope that they will continue to get work and be flawless.

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EXO One Sentence Meme

♦ EXO One Sentence Meme ♦

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1. Make a comment with a member name/pairing name and a prompt that you would like someone to write for you. There is no rating limit, so it can be any type of prompt you want! :D
2. Fill prompt requests with one sentence only! Be creative!
3. You can request as many prompts as you want (but try and fill some as well).
4. Feel free to stay logged in or go anonymous if you want, IP logging is off.
5. Have a bunch of fun!
6. Don't forget to pimp this entry on LJ, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

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[Music Pimp Post] Shinhwa

So now that Shinhwa is back, I've been noticing that a few people on my t-list are starting to get more interested in them. And you should. You really should. They are awesome. So I made this music pimp post which highlights my favorite songs from Shinhwa's albums. It's full of spazzing and stuff but I hope it helps you get into Shinhwa's music.

Note: All of these are streaming links because the LJ DL links don't work anymore (most of them were MU). I'll try and find some working links soon.

So let's get this party started!

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Dream High 2 Is Awful [Essay]

So I watched the first two episodes of Dream High 2 and so far I'm not pleased for the following reasons:

1. Most of the Cast Is Not Likable

IMO the majority of the cast in this drama is just not likeable.

The Main Six

JB is the stereotypical overconfident douchebag of the drama who became that way because his audition sucked in the past. There are times when I like him, but that's when he's NOT acting the way he does majority of the time. When he become an awkward turtle around large crowds, he's actually adorbs. Otherwise he's just the same character in every other k-drama.

Yoojin the music hipster who wants to be a "real artist" (yet he joined an idol training company). He's ridiculously annoying and he clearly thinks he's superior to everyone else. He also fights girls like wtf.


Bringing this to Haesung, she's a bit over the top and unbearable at times with her JB crush, but I love her determination. Though I noticed that she was clearly untalented while watching, I was angry with the teacher for telling her that. Who the fuck accepts untalented people to a training school because THEY'RE SMART? This is not a school for academics jfc.

Siwoo the other member of Eden who is one of the Main Six (but got like 3 minutes of screen time total so far), who's a plagiarist who gets upset when JB dumps his ass and is sad he's in a school that's gone for the dogs. Am I supposed to feel sorry for him?

Rian the singer who joined the company to act, but can't because the president is a jerk. She's stuck up and annoying, but I managed to feel sympathy for her so she's doing something right.

Nana who is forgettable most of the time. I feel like Hyorin only got casted for her voice. And based on the posters, she's supposed to be one of the Main Six. COULD HAVE FOOLED ME.

The Supporting Students

Ailee who hasn't done shit, Soondong the Shaman best friend of the female protagonist who has an unbearable voice, Hoongjoo the comic relief who is pretty cool, Uibong the bomb ass dancer who I really like, and Yeonjo who.....yeah.......who was she again?

Dream High did a great job at jugging characters. We didn't even meet Samdong in the first episode and that was great because we got time to get to know others before we added another character to the mix. I feel like Dream High 2 was so in a rush to show all of the students and faculty at once, and because of that some characters, such as Nana, Ailee, Hoongjoo, and Yeonjoo got pushed to the back. As a result we don't know much about them. It's going to be difficult for DH2 to develop so many characters in a short amount of time if they keep up having them all in episodes together.

Moving on to the faculty.

The thing I liked about the original Dream High was the fact that there were at least a few members of the faculty that believed in their students and a President who tried to help their students be the best that they could be. But the new faculty is a tragedy. They don't even look like they give a damn. We have Jisoo (played by Gahee) who is an even more rude version of Kyungjin from the first season of Dream High, Ahn Taeyeon the quirky teacher who does a complete 180 and becomes ridiculously rude (what she did to Haesung PISSED me off), Jungwan the former President who let the school go under and treats his students like shit (how the hell did he get hired?), and Kangchul the New President from Oz Entertainment who treats his idols like crap and insults them. Am I supposed to care about these characters? Am I supposed to feel any type of sympathy for Taeyeon, who "felt bad" at bringing Haesung's entry conditions to light? I don't think so. Jinman is the only likeable teacher and he got the shaft because he actually tried to relate to the students.

2. Bad Acting

Another reason that I feel like Hyorin was picked for her voice is the fact that she's not much of an actress. She's trying too hard and it's showing on camera. Same for JB.

3. My Belief Can Only Be Suspended So Far

- You mean to tell me that Yoojin mistook a CONTAINED fire in a glass bowl for a full fledged fire? Come on now that fire could not have produced that much smoke.
- You want me to believe that a student with no singing, dancing, OR acting skills got into school that trains idols because she was SMART? I see.
- You mean to tell me that Uibong, the best dancer on this show, was beaten by JB simply because JB got in his face and intimidated him enough? JB is clearly an average dancer. I'm not fooled by his jumping up and down, charisma, and bad krumping.

4. Parody Overload

We did not need like 3 minutes of parodying. That time could have be used to develop characterization for the people that got pushed to the back. Enough said.

I really hope that this drama will get better because right now it's awful.

/ending essay. It's long because I wanted people to know I wasn't hating blindly on it because I prefer the original Dream High
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Mindless Behavior Stannin' - Christmas With My Girl

My thoughts during the video:

:02 - :09 - LOL at Princeton's corny ass opening.
1:31 - LOL Prodigy looks so accomplished. He's such a try hard. XD
1:45 - 1:49 - Princeton/XBOX Kinect was more prevalent ship than Princeton/girl.
1:47 - LOL Roc Royal thinks he's gettin' it.
2:10 - 2:30 - Roc Royal's rap is cute. He and his girl had the most chemistry in this music video.
End: Hold the fuck up, what the hell are eight fourteen year old kids doing at the ski lodge ALONE?